Tin and Drum

anufacturing plant was considered as an integral part of the Refinery to provide adequate means of packaging in the form of 18Litre kerosene tin cans and 200Litre Asphalt drums, with the intent of ensuring that petroleum products get to the rural areas.

The Manufacturing plant was engineered and constructed along with the Refining plants. Initially, the products of the plant were for packaging petroleum products, but with commercialization of the KRPC, the tin and drums are produced not only for the company, but also for any other users. Like vegetable oil industries for the tins and lube oil blending plants for drums.

Upon commissioning of the Kaduna Refining and Petrochemical Plant in 1980; products manufactured are Drums and Tin Cans to meet the ever increasing demand for durable containers and also to compliment the already existing containers in the market. Ever since then, manufacturers and distributors of oil, petroleum products, chemicals, kerosene, grains, etc, find KRPC Tin/Drums as very suitable containers for storage. This is so because KRPC Tin/Drums are found to be tough, rugged, durable and comparatively more economical.

Manufacturing department consist of the Drum Plant and the Tin Plant and is manned by factory manager, two deputy managers and other staff working together to add value to KRPC.

18L Electrolytic Tin Cans