The plant has a capacity to produce 30,000 metric tons of Linear Alkyl Benzene a year, enabling Nigeria to substantially reduce import of this product for the local manufacture of detergents.

The plant comprises of five process units namely: Kerosene Hydrosulphurisation, Molex, Thermal Hydrodealkylation (THDA), Paraffin Conversion to Olefins (PACOL) and Detergent Alkylate units.

Commissioned in March 1989, the plant was designed to produce 30,000 metric tons/year of Linear Alkyl Benzene from Kerosene and Reformate feedstock from the Fuels plant.

Products from the Plant are:

  • linear alkyl benzene
  • benzene
  • heavy alkylate
  • kero solvent
  • normal paraffins
  • toluene
  • aromatic solvent
  • heavy paraffins