Community Relation

As part of its corporate social responsibility to the host community, the Kaduna Refining and Petrochemical Company Ltd, (KRPC) has trained five hundred and twenty five youths of its host communities.

KRPC Youth Empowerment and Skill Acquisition Programme is an interpretation of NNPC slogan ‘We Touch Your Life in Many Ways’. Also in compliance to the slogan are numerous projects embarked upon by KRPC to her host communities, amongst which are Drilling of Water Boreholes, Rehabilitation of Schools, Supply of classroom Furniture and exercise Books etc.

The Nigerian Nation has over the years been be-deviled by unemployment. This scourge has eaten deep into the social, Human and economic aspect of our Nation. This menace is responsible for the slow pace of economic development and total hindrance to the effective and efficient utilization of the Human development of the Nation.

Unemployment which is eminent amongst the youth is a big slap on the Nation especially when Nigeria is on the quest to be amongst the top twenty biggest economies of the world.

It is in view of the above that the Kaduna Refining and Petrochemical Company (KRPC) have shoulder upon itself to train youth on various vocations and skill in a program tagged Youth Empowerment and Skills Acquisition Program (YESAP).

The program which started in 2008 and presently has witnessed its fifth Edition in the series has been in the business of creating jobs for the unemployed and making the youth to be self-reliance. KRPC embarked on this project as its corporate social responsibilities to its surrounding communities.

YESAP which is a critical element of KRPC social responsibility gender is given much seriousness because we believe that our current economic realities that have head to large scale unemployment especially among the youths makes it compelling for socially responsible organization and well-able individuals to lend a helping hand to Government in this area of job creation as Government cannot do everything.

This Mantra is very much alive and strong as the fifth batch of hundred and twenty (120) concluded their training on the 20th December 2013.

The youths who are drawn from various communities around the KRPC operational and Business areas are to undergo training under Tested and Viable Consultants like Topdesk International Consults who gave them intensive orientation programme for one month, School of Agric. Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Mando campus as Consultants, National Directorate of Employment (NDE), exhale institute of Beauty/Cosmetology, PAN learning centre, Deebakers school of catering and cake decoration and Kaduna Polytechnics Tudun Wada.

Participants were given the liberty to make selection of their choice trade. The following are the areas of vocational training.

  • Catering and event management
  • Beauty and cosmetology
  • Fishery and poultry management
  • Carpentry
  • Fashion and Textile Design
  • Electrical Installation and Rewinding
  • Photography and visual imaging
  • Building and tiles Interlocking
  • POP casting
  • Plumbing
  • Welding
  • Auto-Mechatronics
  • Auto-Mechanics
  • Auto-Spray Painting
  • Welding and panel beating
  • Screen Printing.

At the end of the training, a takeoff grant is given to the participants to start their own Businesses and possibly employ others.List of Recent Community Development Projects by KRPC for its Host Communities

  • Provision of class room furniture in L.E.A. Primary School Rido.
  • Construction of class room blocks in L.E.A. Primary, School, Rido.
  • Construction of Doctor’s Quarters in Rido
  • Construction of Nurses Quarters in Rido
  • Construction of Vigilante office in Rido
  • Construction of the only primary school in kapam
  • Construction of block of two classrooms in LEA primary school Romi
  • Construction of block of two classrooms in LEA primary school Kudansa
  • Construction of Exam Hall in GGSS Sabo-Tasha
  • Construction of Toilets in the following Primary Schools: Rido, Kapam, Ungwar- Baro, Sabon- Tasha
  • A comprehensive water and Electrification project for Rido Community (planning stage)
  • Provision of 500KVA Electricity Transformer for Kidunu Community
  • Provision of 33kv Overhead Electricity line to Janruwa Community in Kamazou District.
  • Renovation of class room blocks in L.E.A. Primary School, Rido
  • Renovation of class rooms and provision of class room furniture in Junior Secondary School, Unguwar- Boro.
  • Renovation of class rooms and provision of class room furniture in L.E.A. Primary School Sabon Tasha.
  • Renovation of class rooms and provision of furniture in L.E.A. Primary School Mahuta.
  • Renovation of class rooms and provision of furniture in L.E.A. Primary School Kamazou.
  • Renovation of class rooms and provision of class room furniture in L.E.A. Primary School Rido Gbagyi.
  • Construction of a bridge in Karatudu community (Arrangements have been concluded to rehabilitate this bridge which though initially constructed by KRPC has been affected by erosion)
  • Provision of water bore holes in the following Communities:
  •  Rido
     Kamazou
     Jan ruwa
     Marabar Rido
     Mahuta
     Kidunu
     Gwagwada
     Kujama
     Sabon Garin Kakau
  • Construction of bore hole at Sa-Gbagyi’s Palace
  • Remediation of existing water bore holes (Originally sank by KRPC) in Rido, ungwar Na-maigero and sabon Garin Kakkau.
  • Quarterly Distribution of 30,000 exercise books to Primary Schools in the community.
  • Distribution of drugs in the community
  • Immunization against Cerebro-spinal meningitis
  • Periodic distribution of food items in the community
  • Assistance in funding of the building of Sa-Gbagyi’s permanent palace.
  • Support of the yearly traditional Gbagyi festival (Agbamaya)
  • Other forms of assistance in cash and kind to worthy causes and individuals in the community as the need arises.
Contracts / Employment

Host Communities area priority in all third party employments as well as unskilled and semi-skilled labour engagements in the KRPC.

Although Permanent employment is handled by NNPC Corporate Headquarters we interface with them to ensure that qualified people from the community are employed whenever a recruitment exercise is taking place. That is why currently we have such sons and daughters of our Host Community working with us as permanent staff.